Absolute Fractals Update

We are updating the site to a cleaner more mobile format, If you have suggestions or something you would like to see please feel free to contact us.

Utopia Still Bleeds

You ask me to wait for nascent heaven You ask my pleasure to wait to die I don’t need your insecure heaven I don’t need to hear the colours or that sigh When you see my sweet untidy paradise Perhaps one day you’ll understand There’s still blood and guts and gore Snot and tears run […]

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The Rain Remembers

  Seeing the World Through Other Eyes – Art Inspired By the Music of Daniel Lanois – Poetry Inspired By Dancing In the Rain I saw you dancing in the street, when it began to rain Dirty feet, wet shirt like a second skin Oblivious to me Feet on pavement move to unheard music Just […]

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Think of Me Like Chocolate

When you think of me, in the middle of the night Let me dream of easing your need, just taste me I’d like to be sweet chocolate on your mind If it might please you to think of me at all Painting rich cravings into a nascent beginning My thoughts are tangled in the scent […]

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