Eulogy Questions to Answer for New Growth

The old me is dead and gone, what was it about her I liked or admired.

In which ways did she continue to grow and where were the spots too rough to deal with whole or at all really. Did she extend herself well into the unknown with grace and a choice to be courageous? When she failed her own expectations did she learn to forgive the shortfall and continue with a respectful decision. Do her smile lines outnumber the others with a clear majority? Her life was an uneasy gift for a great deal of time. Did she learn to value the steps in the lessons as deeply as a life of worth demands. Did she find a way to share the joy and the living soul of creative and creator from deep within, nothing left to deny or decide. Was naked a way of beautiful expression or shameful recognition. Was the courage found to abrade those pieces of rough and angry presentation into a graceful and clear flowing of joyous contentment, contagious in its way of being? Did she remember to care for all as though they were children of her very own. Did she continue to try? These are the questions the new person I woke up today being will have to answer to. As for the old me … she died trying . 🙂




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