Measuring Myself


Apparently I have it on good authority that I’m an excellent cook, I do an excellent party and can generally find the music for any mood, even the quirky ones you think are yours alone. Emotions are affected by colour, of course they are and music is the rainbow they are expressed with.

I write, make art, think, discuss world politics though not necessarily news. Find ways to comfort people, hopefully before they know they need comforting but certainly after the fact if that happens to be the case.

Try not to eat my heart out over my obvious flaws and failures, with limited success. The problem is I know better, if I am making a mistake, there is something I deliberately ignored to get myself there. Generally it is respect. It is hard to figure out the parameters of the word, especially in regards to the face in the mirror.

Our thoughts are flawed when pointed in our own or really any direction, the flaw is innate, we cannot step outside the parameters of our own mind. Though with all the ways in which we interact technically on a quantum level that encompasses the entire universe. So maybe I’m a bit hard on myself, maybe I’m not hard enough, with such a mobile measuring stick who is to say with any accuracy. The question remains on the table. I’ve no idea how one measures oneself accurately. the scale is an immutable stone faced answer to no one.



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