Utopia Still Bleeds

You ask me to wait for nascent heaven

You ask my pleasure to wait to die

I don't need your insecure heaven

I don't need to hear the colours or that sigh

When you see my sweet untidy paradise

Perhaps one day you'll understand

There's still blood and guts and gore

Snot and tears run just like they did before

There is knowledge written deep in the sand

Allowing us to understand our place in now

It reveals a graceful purpose of its very own

None is lost as life excites death into possibility

Knowing of the only one, we all become

My particles ride energy forever shared

Knowing nothing of history to compare

Our forgotten worth shading lost sunshine

Transitioning through our states of grace

Our thoughtful hearts wielded respectfully

Straight and true, gently loving all of you

This world becomes a sweeter kinder place

Respect now can speak your name aloud

Individuals shown strong and bravely proud

Of all they've made and what they know

Open hearts make us glow with light we know



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